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tv   [untitled]    May 16, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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may 15 this friday. >> i want to congratulate commissioner fewer who was honored at the anniversary of kohlman advocates last week it was a identification unable to attend but it was acquit a big celebration to want to acknowledge here recognize i have a couple of announcements we we were very privileged e.r. privileged to have legislators lady of japan visit rosa parks emergency room i want to thank the superintendant and assistant you been superintendant david one thing for being there are and recognized paul and his stellar team that role showed the best of this school the japan bilingual program was rose to the cognizance and want to acknowledge that i had floated the idea of including the
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japan's bilk coalition program in on outdoor performance but i believe that was next due to the security concerns so i offer any apologizes to the folks not to include the lgbt it was limited by the first lady made a big commitment to girls education she and first lady michelle obama talked about let women learner to bring the noted funds to the many communities where girls are not educated, and, secondly, congratulate all the participant in the all city track meet on friday may first and give a shout out to the hard working coaches that spent a lot of time on our kids after hours where i saw at the track moot a
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tremendous amount of courage and the agency new of defeat want to put in a plug many schools don't center the cleans out for their students maybe that is something that schools can put on their tilt website i saw coaches asking for size 8 cleets to eclipses the next return i felt terrible will that the athletics should have the equipment they need i want to give a shout out to mr. lee and the scientific teachers that embarked on taking the multiple folks to the awe culturalism on the buses it was monumental for the operations
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and they did it effective and finally recognize the architecture foundation of san francisco that presented it's breakfast on may '78 and acknowledge the leadership of allen stan letter there were 15 of our students that were recognized and participated in their programs where they learn about architecture and then spend two days of the week at architecture firms that was a reflection of what we have brainstormed as the vision 2025 and using the city as a campus in participating with the architecture firms our students really benefited and in the architecture foundation design connection a women's sweep all 3 winners were from lowell hayes valley congratulations to those
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girls that designed the public safety listen related to the super bowl for the super bowl village next year other announcements. >> commissioner vice president haney. >> yeah. i have a quick one so i'm going to be joining the joyfully probation commission tomorrow not as a member but present there and in conversation with them about their interests and particularly i've been working with the president of the commission suzy jones is interested in the computer science and at the logan we're going to start a conversation how to insure our court schools are included in the opportunities in technology so i'll be came back with the staff but a preliminary conversations to open that
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dialog of interest they have in extending those learning opportunities. >> mr. superintendent and commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> thank you, dr. murase i'm sorry to jump in here under the commissioners announcement i'm excited given the comments we've heard we're not waiting to really partner and serve our african-american students in san francisco so this friday i'm very, very existed about a real event under the leadership for that the leadership mr. dickey talking all 2 hundred and 50 graduating african-american seniors from the self-public schools and participating are linking that is going to professionally adapt all the seminars seniors and create an account for the students and
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partnering with the organization beyond 12 they will provide not only counseling and mentorship to those students as we go into criteria and college but provide us with the data to track and provide issues innuendo the schools it is the first of the kind in san francisco but not possible without the work that everyone does around the african-american students that will be this friday and commissioners you should have received an invitation lincoln is extremely excited. >> thank you mr. dickey and laura and her staff for putting everybody together and playing the e harmony role i look forward to sharing pictures and
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twitter about it and posting pictures on facebook as well. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> thank you that was one of the things i was going to announce as well on wednesday common sense month has their video awards at the jazz center on thursday first 5 festival will be hosted at city hall and celebrating our young young people i believe we still have our retirement event for the retirement events on thursday and that's it. >> thank you, very much. i will announced on item ti need to can you go a recess of the regular meeting and end the meeting perhaps before we recess a couple of memoriams i want to ask commissioner wynns to read
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>> it's sad to report since we meet we've lost two former members of the board of education peter and mri are a both of them i knew fairly well and feel privileged peter macy's died on april 16th was 84 year-olds came from new york and grew up in brooklyn in the bronx moved to long eyed i grew up there too so peter was an attorney he was was elected to the school board in the early 70s i think he was elected on the first elected school board in san francisco - second mr. kelly tells me. >> after he and he was wanting
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of the board of education and after he left the board of education he did a lot of civic work in san francisco for which our community should be great deal of he was on the spur board and president of the spur board and sat on the traffic commission and on the board of the friends of the san francisco public library and the yerba buena and was- when you read about him you'll see how much every or he was above and beyond by his neighborhood and survived by his wife of 60 years and 4 children and 6 grounded children a memoriam will be held, and,
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secondly, mri are a cox born in china and moved to the west coast which was a classic immigration route for russian jews any grandfather did it he end up in the east coast she served on the board of education from 1979 to 90 and the president in 87 and had children that went to the san francisco unified school district and was a palpated president before serving on the board of education and she was with a group of other woman in san francisco she was one the champions of deintegrations and stood up up awhile on the board of education in support support of desegregation and while she
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was on the board of education excuse me. a excelling strong supporter or arts education a musician and responsible for the creation of the alice school of the art and the alvarado arts workshop which was a creation of here on behalf of the project sponsor she served on the council of great schools and was the chair the council and after she left the board of education after 3 terms she worked as a museum person i'd see her on wednesday she died on may 1st a million service we can announce later the date has not been chosen it will be in june and paul is an educator and the
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board of education would like to express in their condolences to the cox family thank you. >> thank you commissioner wynns i want to before we go into closed session note that item u is other informational items posted a staffer reports open the informational notice of classified personnel transactions i'm advised by our brand new legal council we'll be adjourning the regular meeting and go into a special meeting noticed as a closed session and do a read out as part of that special meeting so the new procure we're following it the gowns of the legal council so workplace i'll journey the
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regular meeting >> well, good morning and thank you for coming to the new public
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safety building our police headquarters in san francisco over the past month i've had the privilege with each of the supervisors of going through budget meetings and in many of the district we have one more to to complete all of them it is consistent that public safety is on the minds of many of our citizenry in san francisco today, i'm joined by the police chief and staff and suzy love tuesday our office of complaints joyce is here as well and also by the board president london breed and several members of the board of supervisors that are academy with our public safety and, of course our human
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resources director as well budget season is with us and as we've gone around the different district of city not having implemented all of them but clear a resounding message that safety will be also a great foundation for any city that wants to be successful and make sure that while we've had those meetings concerning public safety issues of trust has been part of the conversation and issues of integration and clearly the issues that the chief as announced with respect to cultural and incidents across the country where lives have been lost and that conversation has been a part of the public
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safety discussion in san francisco we enjoy relatively a compared to many other cities a high-level of safety that's due to the commitment of the chief and officers on a day to day basis we can always do better feel we can do better with officers prompting 21st century policies and procedures and using item to our vandal and making sure we continue on a day to day basis earning the trust of the residents shortly before, after, i took office almost 3 and a half years ago i launched a program called predict interrupt predict and authorize it was an effort to really stem the tide of violation in the city to make sure we talked with our youth
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have a an alternate and use data to predict where we might know incidents occur and interrupt that behavior and work with the community to organize better alternatives to violence and to some degree we've succeeded we've developed expensive services for victims of street and family violence and made sure that jobs and job train go forward in an aggressive way and continue a minimum of 7 though jobs automated at the youth everyday and conceding in that we also at the suggestion of our youth reinstituted a cadet program our officers are existed but and recruits and law enforcement right from the community that directly repeals
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the exit of our city today, i'm here with our explosive your commission your board members and president and ocii to announce more resources for passive which include increasing the funding for civilian oversight no our ocii and additional training of officers and an additional hundred more police officers on top of the hundred and 50 we already announced for a totaled of 2 heed and 50 additional police officers that will be graduating from 5 police academy classes during the fiscal year of 2015-2016 this those classes will in fact accelerate our goal to getting to our city's charter mandatory
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full duty officers within the next year and that charter announced it one thousand 9 heed hundred and 71 we have addressed we're about to add with the cooperation of the board $6.6 million in our next two year budget to fund approximately, one thousand and 8 hundred body cameras for each of our officers on our streets and engage in the public we intend to have this first year go through a planning process that will have as it's goal in implement the 21st century policing and acquire those cameras for every police officer that engages the public this is a role for technology to be playing in laughing u allowing us to build more public
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trust and transparency and accountabilities with our residents i believe and so does the commission the beamers will keep our public save and police officers everyday body cameras have not the solution they'll help but not the only solutions we need to strengthen it community trust in a number of ways we'll also need to insure that people's privacy is replaced that not only police officers but the community themselves will feel comfortable with how technology is being used and rolled out that's why i'll announcing today a working group made up 6 our pollens union, our office of complaints and members of the alu invited to join the workshop
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to report back to the planning commission on the proprietors portfolio for the use of the body cameras and other technologies that help us there our transparent and accountability i know that those efforts all of them put together insure our residents a more safety community investment and allow our officers to embrace 21st century tools we need to use marshall of the alleged tools for the opening statement will allow them to do more civilian oversight of the police department and identify the kinds of train that needs to happen with our officers on the street together all of those efforts coupled with working with our residents our community policing on more beat patrols identifying the ores eras that come to every one of our
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district meeting will be replaced in the way we really this out and the way we continue to implement the ideas that come tlotsd district meeting with that welcome the chief and explain how we're going to roll out and implement chief suhr. >> i want to thank the mayor obviously the same budget reflect our priority and public safety and publics trust and this is near the top the priority to that end to have those stwra two academy classes and staffing by may 2015 to an accelerated plan that was approved by the board of supervisors we deeply appreciate we'll get to done cops count a neighborhood in san francisco
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that didn't want the beat officers back and see more officers on bikes it is much better to prevent the crime and work with the neighborhood ward to the body cameras beamers offering president obama policing presented it's report they spoke to the fact in their technology and social media what braemz go duo for police officers and the community the reduction of a study recorded that the complaints go down almost 60 period of time when beamers are in place that president report the next president of the united states under the clinton yesterday recommended that all sorry that was objective
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laughter it all police officers in the united states should wear cameras it's a win-win situation that protects good people on both sides officers know they're wearing them their behavior is going to be better and telling the accepts they're on camera the citizens about on behalf of better all but way around better for a police citizen interaction to the end the delta we'll have to arrive another a policy that has folks if the alu report and the senior policy analysis cameras to be a win-win helping to protect the public and at the same time protecting the police officer against false acquisition we are a privacy agency we'll work with the
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stakeholder and bring them to the table as quickly as possible to get the cameras on the officers to work on the trust that's been dates, times, and places over the recent months in the community in san francisco and in addition to add that to the ocii obviously we're answerable to the city of san francisco and we want our officers to be as i say just so we work cooperating with the ocii and folks with the additional officers keep that in mind open coming down and the additions information from the academy it is appropriate point ocii staffed up what is more work we want those investigations to be appropriate as well 0 so we have other speakers that want to be heard we couldn't get this downey done
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without the board of supervisors to next up is supervisor london breed. >> thank you, everybody for being here i'm excited about this all outreach the country i'm sure you're aware of we've had changes with law enforcement. >> sealed because of the incident unfortunate incidents there's been really a challenge with trust and law enforcement of the community and so my concern is for osgood men and women that are trying to do a good job and citizens trying to enjoy the peace and freedom and those cameras will help to create that level of balance you know we need officers 0 out on the streets and need them to be safe and citizens to feel safe those will give the officers the safety they need to make sure
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those kind of incidents happen and challenges to situation we have to kind of technology that can help us address those cases better i'm hopefully as a result of the cameras some of the iptsz that the chief mentions that were in the reports the amount of complaints about go down and tool of many we hope to use in the sfoifksz public trust is important and those cameras go a step in the right direction of restoring public trust and make sure that the citizens know if not only are we doing everything we can to increase the number of police officers in our department but add members of the community to the depth to make sure that the accountability is at the forefront i'm looking forward to the support of the from hopefully, the board will support this in the upcoming budget to get in moving and in
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addition, i know that supervisor cowen is leading the charge to make sure we fund the opening statement because they're the civilian unit of our city that makes sure they address and deal with oversight i want to be clear to the men and women serve our city we appreciate a lot of the great officers working hard every single day and putting their lives open the line to protect the citizens of city and county of san francisco we have challenges in this country and in this city through this opportunity of providing a kind of resources necessary to repair some of the damage that's been deny with the public trust we'll be a better city thank you and i'm looking forward to mostly on this as quickly as possible. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen i'm scomploelg i am excited what we're doing not
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only be acknowledging we are moving into the 21st century in technology to the best we can but it demonstrates we're listening to our constituents and responding we'd fools to sit here with our head in the sand and what we are doing today is very, very symbolic and step in the right direction this is not the only tool we'll be fiscal year on cameras are a small step in the right direction it is critical we provide our officers our men and women that are scorn to protect and serve with the training they need with the unbias conscience and awareness that is in all of us the other thing we're finally having a much needed dialog around race and how it relates to the
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justice testimony here in san francisco we're talking about today about cameras but other patterns that are at the table in discussion how we can strengthen our justice system to be fair and just for everyone that is the doves and the public defender and the law enforcement such the sheriff's department it is also critical that we arm the folks with the tools this year need that includes insuring that joyce hillary clinton the director of the office of complaints has the tools she need to investigate and prosecute those who are doing wrong i want to applaud and show any support to the men and women that serve san francisco by also want to give voice to the need we need to recruit and retain and promote diversity within our